Thursday, 24 November 2016


Glass Records 1986

01. Walkin' with Jesus (Sound of Confusion)
02. Rollercoaster
03. Feel So Good

Okay, so the tracks here aren't rare. However, it's been a long time since the contemporaneous output of Spacemen 3 was presented in it's original form.

This is the debut single, released a few months after the first album.

'Walkin' with Jesus (Sound of Confusion)' was recorded for the debut album, but went unreleased. This is actually a remix of a demo recorded in Northampton the previous year. Other songs from that session make up the posthumous release 'Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To'.

The two b-sides were recorded in that same studio, shortly after the recording of 'Sound of Confusion'. 'Rollercoaster' is a re-recording of that album track, with less overdubs but an extended length of over seventeen minutes. 'Feel So Good' was a new track, which would be re-recorded for 'The Perfect Prescription' the next year.


01. Steeleye Span - Lovely On The Water
02. Agincourt - When I Awoke
03. Extradition - A Woman Song
04. Dharana - On Namo Buddhaya
05. Can Am Des Puig - Favours of the Muse
06. Selda - Gesi Baglari
07. Yoon Yoon Sun - Before You Go
08. Unknown - Devotion
09. Linda Perhacs - Dolphin
10. Unknown - Breuddwyd
11. Saffron - Vision Is a Lonely Word
12. Tim Buckley - Song To the Siren
13. Loudest Whisper - Children of The Dawn
14. Lal & Mike Waterson - Fine Horseman
15. Tony, Caro & John - Swirling Sphere
16. Malicorne - Le Luneux


Ohr 1970

01. Stone In
02. Girl Call
03. Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama
04. Ufo
05. Der LSD-Marsch

I thought I'd post this classic. Forty minutes of acid drenched stoner space rock, the debut of krautrock heroes Guru Guru.


Disc One:

01. Egisto Macchi - Pensée
02. Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
03. Mike Tingley - Monotony's Message
04. The Manson Family - Is There No One in Your World but You?
05. Bollmann, Zeman, Kappelhoff - Invocationes
06. Mellow Candle - Reverand Sisters
07. Agitation Free - You Play For Us Today?
08. Robbie Basho - Blue Crystal Fire
09. John Fahey - Sligo River Blues (1959)
10. The Children of Sunshine - The Children of Sunshine
11. Dark - Live for Today
12. L.S.D. A Documentary Report - Is this Trip really necessary?
13. Pärson Sound - 10 Minutes

Disc Two:

01. Robert Hermel - Industrie Spatiale
02. Pete Fine - Revelation/Prelude/For Sam
03. Lou Harrison - Pacifika Rondo - In Sequoia's Shade
04. Cold Sun - South Texas
05. Relatively Clean Rivers - Easy Ride
06. Clem Alford - Mirror Image
07.  Älgarnas Trädgård - Rings of Saturn
08. Nicholas Szczepanik - Candour of Night

To signify 100 posts on this blog (actually achieved a while ago), I made of compilation from the first hundred posts. Over two hours of music, on two discs.

Obviously, not every artist is represented, but it's a good sampler.

If you've been coming here a while, there's nothing new, but it makes a nice mixtape.

Monday, 31 October 2016


Metronome 1969

01. Ein Wunderschönes Mädchen Träumt Von Sandosa
02. Kaskados Minnelied
03. Mama Düül Und Ihre Sauerkrautband Spielt Auf
04. Im Garten Sandosa
05. Der Garten Sandosa Im Morgentau
06. Bitterlings Verwandlung

Before Amon Düül II became leaders of the Krautrock scene, there was Amon Düül, sometimes referred to as Amon Düül I.

Born out of a political art commune in Munich, Amon Düül were regulars in the underground psychedelic happening scene. All but one of their five albums come from the same improvised session in 1968.

The more ambitious members formed their own group (Amon Düül II) and tried to steer a more traditional band. The albums they produced between 1969 and 1976 are excellent, but I miss the complete free form freakiness of the original commune based band.

Amon Düül II are quite well known now (and therefore have a bigger online presence), so I hope you enjoy this, right from the start of the German underground scene.


Self Released 2003

01. Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
02. Charlie Fang's Blues
03. Soul Sucked Dry
04. Memories Of The Fox Headed Boy
05. Night Time Vineyards
06. Red Rag
07. Apologia, Pt. 1 (For K.P.)

The debut album of James Blackshaw. First released as a handout cdr burned by the artist and given a posh looking reissue on Bladud Flies! in 2014.

Fans will be aware that James Blackshaw announced an "indefinite hiatus" from playing live and a performance in Hastings in August seems to have been his last.

Unfortunately, I never got to see this amazing artist live, but will continue to support his music. Any posts on this blog are out of print.


01. Tony, Caro & John - Murdoch
02. Dorothy Carter - Visiting Song
03. La La La - When I Walk in the Trees
04. Mark Fry - Roses for Columbus
05. Oberon - Nottanum Town
06. Fresh Maggots - Rosemary Hill
07. Stone Angel - The Bells of Dunwich
08. Catherine Ribeiro - Alpes 1
09. The Folklords - Forty Seconds River
10. Susan Christie - Rainy Day
11. Mellow Candle - Heaven Heath
12. Wooden Horse - Northern Beaches
13. Silver Birch - Flower and Young Man
14. Bridgitte Saint John - Back to Stay
15. Reet Hendrikson - Haanja Miis